Seating and Positioning 

Every individual needs an appropriate Seating and Positioning  to carryout their Functional Activities efficiently and normally. OTs Play a major role in selecting and providing an appropriate Seating and Positioning for Clients with Disabilities.

We are introducing First time in India the Essential aspects of Seating/Positioning and Pressure care Management from an Occupational Therapists point of view. We emphasis the importance of Best Seating/Posture and Positioning of every individual in their Functional Environment such School,Home,Play Ground,Vehicles,Public areas and much more.

What do we do for Seating and Positioning?

A formal assessment for the clients (Wheel Chair,School Chair) seating will be carried out by the skilled  Occupational Therapist to provide an ideal seating posture for the clients at School/home.

High standard pressure care management will be provided and guided to the parents/care givers. 

Pressure Care Cushions 

Introducing the importance of Pressure Cushions and Role of OT in providing Pressure Cushions for the First time in India.

Sleeping Positioning

Best Positioning for Sleeping will be assessed by an Experienced OT and PT. Recommendations will be provided/guided to Family and Carers to meet Clients individual needs.


Based on Therapists' recommendations appropriate Sleeping products such as positioning cushions will be provided to clients with  Positioning Programs.